Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The blizzard of 2013

The kids were ecstatic to learn they were getting a snow day today. I don't know about you all, but I think I get just as excited and happy when there is a snow day. Snowy, blustery days are perfect for lounging in pajamas all day, eating grilled cheese sandwiches, drink cocoa and watch movies. Naturally, I didn't do any of that. Although I have been in sweats and sweatshirt all day. So I think that sort of counts.

What a snow day is good for, it starting, working on, or completing little projects around the house that have been ignored for far too long.

After pouring my first cup of joe this morning, I climbed back into bed with my laptop and started surfing the internet in hopes of finding some ideas for decorating our master bedroom. We have had the same style furniture for as long as we have been married and it's really good quality, so I know the mister will put his foot down if I try to cajole him into new digs for the room. So, what can a person do with a limited budget but unlimited ideas? hmmmmm

I've been saving "pins" on Pinterest for a while now and as I looked over my boards today, I realized my taste tends to lean towards a French provincial look. I love the look of antique linens in creams and whites, with pillows piled high. I love the simplicity of basic, great quality window coverings and I love antiques in pretty much all shape, condition and size.

Is that what I have? No. This is my husband's dresser (mine has too much stuff on the top to photograph at the moment).

I was thinking maybe I would paint it something lighter and antique it, maybe in a soft gray? And then my friend talked me off the proverbial furniture ledge and reminded me that this is a classic style and will never truly go out of style. I might switch out the drawer pulls for something else. Not sure yet. 

What I am going to do is move this fabulous armoire that my Momma painted down into the guest room. It only houses my husband's old military uniforms and is taking up precious floor space. I think it will great in the guest room and add an element of fun. 

It is pretty cool, don't you think? My Momma is super talented. I often wonder why it is that my Mother, who has had her painting in museums and galleries all over the world, did not pass on any drawing gifts to me whatsoever! I also have a couple of very talented sisters who can draw ANYTHING! I can paint, just not anything other than colors. All in all, I still have to thank Mary Ann for bestowing on me the gift to be able to visualize and bring to fruition fun colorful furniture. Love you Mom!

I was trying to draw some inspiration off things I love and I always come back to this picture:
This was bought off a street painter in the Piazza Novona in Rome. I love the old architecture. This painting makes me visualize what is inside. What does the furniture look like? Is it over sized and dark? Is it petite and light? Is it hundreds of years old? I don't know, but I am going to redo my bedroom in what I imagine is inside. Want to know what I am going to do? You'll have to wait, but be guaranteed that re-purposed drop cloth will be involved. 

Keep watching!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A New Dawn, A New Day, A New perspective on Life

There hasn't been much creative activity going on in my work space (AKA the garage) lately. Well, there have been creative thoughts, but no activity. I am hoping that is going to change soon and have been busy purchasing some ultra cool things to get going. OK, they don't look like ultra cool things at the moment, but they will be!

You might remember what spurred the beginnings of Quinnspirations, having cancer, right? Yep. Well, it seems that after you have surgery your body is more prone to getting hernias where the incision has weakened and allows hernias to bloom. And man, was my body ripe for some hernias! I had hernia repair a few weeks ago and it really kicked me in the tuckus. Is that a word? If not, it is now. I've been sporting this lovely hernia girdle wrap around my mid section for about five weeks now and only have three more to go. (Insert sarcastic joy here). I still can't lift anything more than 15 pounds, but this recovery hasn't stopped me from thinking of all the cool stuff I can create.

I finally ventured to one of my favorite places in town, The Habitat for Humanity Restore. Not all Restores are created equal. Some have furniture and some have building material, and some, like ours, has a bunch of junk. I mean that in the most literal term. I keep seeing things like Pepto Bismal pink sinks from the 60's, and formica as far as the eye can see. Also, old toilets in every shape, but all more than 20 years old each. Sometimes, I pick up remnants of some of these materials (not the toilets silly) to practice new methods. Before I painted the cabinets and counters in the cabin, I picked up materials very similar to what I wanted to paint on from Restore, just to make sure I could do it and not ruin a perfectly ugly 1980's kitchen.

This week at Restore I picked up some way cool materials (don't want to spill the beans yet) and can't wait to get going on revamping 100 yr old....um, somethings...into something super cool. So, keep an eye out.

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out places like Restore, or salvage shops to see what fun things you find.