Sunday, January 6, 2013

The $50 pillowcase

Since it is a new year and most people have some sort of resolution, who am I to go against the grain?

I really want to learn to upholster furniture, but am aware some modicum of sewing skills might be required. And, since I didn't even know what a seam ripper was, I figured I  better learn. Baby steps Holly, baby steps.

A couple of weeks ago there was a Groupon for two hours of beginning sewing classes for two people, so I signed me and the youngest Quinn up for the class. She'll thank me for it later, I am we tote our newly purchased machine and our bobbins, whatever they are, off to the sewing shop. We were pleased to find two other moms and daughters in attendance. Oh, what fun we were going to have! The anticipation of newly sewn projects were dancing in my head. 

In reality, after two hours of class, I had no more skills than when I went in as the instructor spent most of the time trying to figure out one of the other students sewing machine. But, girl child and I had fun learning(?) together and we went away with mostly completed tote bags, and directions on how to complete them on our own.

What is an inspired gal to do? All this creative energy surging through my veins and still no mad sewing skills. Sigh. I put on my big girl pants and went to one of the places that intimidates me the most....Joann Fabrics. I looked for the most senior employee in the store, justifying that surely if you are the oldest employee in a fabric/craft store you must have years and years of experience...and I was not disappointed! The lovely 70 something year old lady took me (literally) by the hand, showed me what projects beginners should work on (pajama pants, pillow cases and aprons), helped me pick out fabric (and a seam ripper), and then told me about classes! Oh Kate, how I love you! 

I immediately went and signed up for four classes (go big or go home) because they were all half off! Today Miss Ann (also 70 something years young) taught us how to thread a sewing machine, the importance of perfection and she made me rip out one seam and redo it three times. But the results were amazing! I have the most beautiful pillowcase ever! And it only cost me $50 including class and materials, but it is priceless!


  1. Let me be the first to comment

    1) If you really decide to get into sewing, you will want to go to a local garage sale and buy a vintage machine. They are made to last as opposed to the cheap newer models.

    2) Are you going to be my next client (fashion designer?)

    3) When can I begin sending my measurements for 2013's line of evening gowns I will need to all the galas I go to?



  2. I am on it! You'll see Quinnspirations styles hitting project runway very soon!

  3. Congrats on all your hard work! I am beyond amazed at how fast you are picking this up! My mom was a home economic teacher and she tried to teach me, but I just couldn't grasp the directions. I'm so happy and proud of you!

  4. Youngest daughter (she said I am not allowed to use her name online) made two sweet pillow cases that match her French themed bedroom (black and white). Super cute!