Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back to the grind

The two older kids have gone back to their homes, the husband is back to work after 17 days (and we are still married!). The two younger ones have two more days of break and then it's just me and the dogs at home. Sigh. What is a girl to do with so many hours to herself during the day? I have so many project ideas going on in my brain, it's hard to decide what to do first.

I need to finish my teal blue, funky buffet to get to Cashmere and Coco in Vail, CO.( for my furniture there. I mean, do I really need much encouragement to go hang out with Ann and Jesse (former Bachelor and Bachelorette show contestants) Who are, quite possibly one of the coolest couples I know. Hanging out with them makes me feel cool by association. Them, and my friend Reyne  (that's Reyne as in owner, jewelry designer, Tiffany Glass dealer, author and as seen on TV multiple seasons of Antique Roadshow), coolest people I know. I told you, I am cool by association! 

The other furniture projects I need to get started/finished or whatever are: the way, way cool antique Asian rice bin that I am going to re-purpose into a ski holder for the cabin, finish the French, antique dresser, start the next dining room table, re-cover the dining room chairs, make new curtains for the homestead house (am thinking of using Miss Mustard Seed's idea of using drop cloth), and finally teach myself how to reupholster so I can re-cover the two Thomasville sofas I scored off Craigslist for $100.  

I am feeling a bit ADD today and can't quite figure out what project to do first. I mean after I finish the commissioned piece. I'll give myself tomorrow to get the Christmas decorations put away and start on Friday...or the day after.....

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